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Let Dr. Murray help with anxiety, focus issues, and conflict that is standing in the way of success.

Our Sports Psychology Services

Psychological Counseling

Using an eclectic approach to psychotherapy but leaning more toward a cognitive-behavioral orientation, it is very important to understand and resolve mental problems and concerns when they exist. Every good practicing sports psychologist should also be licensed in their state. There is no substitute for proper education and credentials.

Mental Training

Just being a licensed psychologist alone is never enough and does not define this work. Years of education and experience go into the knowledge and expertise needed to help athletes with specific mental training programs and techniques.


A good sports psychology seminar or workshop is a great way to get everyone on board with the latest in knowledge and how it can help. While knowledge gained in these sessions is vital, the best approach for a team combines these group meetings with individual psychotherapy and mental coaching.

Psychological Evaluations

The evaluation is always the first step in receiving quality mental health care. People are just too complex and unique, and the potential problems are numerous and the differences between one problem and another is often subtle and requires that the pschologist have both extensive knowledge and experience.

Individual Psychotherapy

This is just a fancy word for one-on-one psychological counseling. Sitting down with a psychologist and discussing your issues in a confidential and supportive forum can be very helpful, and many therapeutic approaches are validated by years of empirical research.

Executive Coaching

Managing individuals and teams better, leading more effectively, refining people skills, and communicating better are all very important areas that are addressed in one-on-one executive coaching services.

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Dr. Murray has perfected a system of self-evaluation and taken it to a new and modern level. Dr. Murray has developed a system that is part of the evolution of football: The ability to identify, quantify and utilize a grading system that will aid coaches and players. It is a method of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of every aspect of a team and or individual. It is a system that can point out the direction needed for improvement. Teams, coaches and players are always looking for an edge and a way to stay ahead of the field.

Dr. Murray’s Mental Performance Index can be and will be the next part of sports evolution in the 21stCentury.

Tom Flores4-Time NFL Super Bowl Champion

Free Mental Evaluation

Evaluate Your Mental Readiness and Get Rapid Feedback from Dr. John F Murray.

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``Smart Tennis``

The Inspiring book by Dr.John F. Murray

Smart Tennis is the secret weapon that tucks right into your tennis bag. Apply these proven principles of sport psychology to your game and gain a winning advantage both on and off the courts.

“The game with yourself is often tougher than the battle against any opponent. Smart Tennis shows you how to win the inner match while having fun along the way.”

Lindsay Davenport, world’s #1 ranked player for 1998

“If you ever want to use the title of this book to describe how youplayed your last match, then Smart Tennis is for you.”

David Higdon, senior writer,Tennis Magazine

“This is an excellent book of psychological skills that can be immediately applied on the tennis court.”

E. Paul Roetert, Ph.D.,Administration of Sports Science, United States Tennis Association

Smart Tennis” by Dr. John F. Murray

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