Psychology School Guide: 6 Famous Sports Psychologists

Sports psychology deals with the relationship between many performance situations and the mental factors affecting an athlete’s ability to succeed and perform well both on the field and off. It also borrows frequently from the lessons and scientific discoveries in related fields such as kinesiology, psychology, physiology and other physical sciences, and biomechanics. Those who practice sports psychology help athletes in important challenges they might need support or assistance in including building motivation, coping with fear, confidence, team cohesion and injury recovery.

The Psychology School Guide recently published a listing of 6 famous sports psychologists. The sports psychologists in the guide included: Coleman Griffith, Dr. Alan Goldberg, Dr. John F. Murray, Robert M. Nideffer, Terry Orlick, and Timothy Gallwey.

Note from Dr. John F. Murray: “I would like to thank the Psychology School Guide for this honor as I am very proud to be listed among the top peers in my field!”

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